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Hydro Power Development

The earliest hydro electric power station in Uttaranchal was installed at Gailogi for supply of power to Mussoorie town as early as in 1914. A beginning was made in this regard in the 1st decade of 20th Century with the installation of a 450 KW power station at Bahadrabad on Upper Ganga canal exclusively for the supply of power for the construction of Bhimgoda headwork of the canal system at Hardwar. A Hydroelectric survey of Ganga Valley was carried out and a report was submitted by Lyle in 1922. Regular program for utilization of a number of falls on the Ganga canal to generate electric power for Irrigation pumping and electrification of towns fructified later with the commissioning of Pathari power house with 3 units of 6.8 MW each in 1955-56. Uttaranchal can thus, be truly considered as one of the pioneer in the country in utilization of low head canal falls for hydro power generations.
In the early years after independence the country was faced with severe food shortage, therefore, emphasis was given on execution of river valley projects for Irrigation and power for development. An important power project Yamuna stage I was taken up in Dehradun District, which was a run-of-the river power scheme on river Yamuna having two powerhouses at Dhakrani (33.75 MW) and Dhalipur (51 MW). It was followed by Yamuna stage II, part I & part II having installed capacity of 360 MW and Yamuna stage IV, part I & part II totaling installed capacity of 102 MW, in river Yamuna. Similarly Maneri Bhalli stage I having installed capacity of 90 MW and Chilla hydro electric power project with installed capacity of 144 MW on river Ganga were commissioned in 1985. Another landmark was construction of Kalagarh dam on river Ram Ganga by 1976 which was storage project having installed capacity of 198 MW.

Lakhwar Vyasi project on river Yamuna having proposed capacity of 420 MW is held up due to paucity of funds and practically no work is going on the projects for the last 10 years. It is remarkable to note that 60% work on the project had been completed when the construction on the project was brought to a grinding halt. Similarly Vishnu Prayag hydro electric project having proposed capacity of 402 MW and Srinagar hydro electric power project with proposed capacity of 330 MW remained suspended on some account of financial crisis for a very long time. Ultimately these projects were assigned to the private sector but the progress on Vishnu Prayag project was very slow and Srinagar project is yet to start. Another important project on river Bhagirathi known as Tehri Dam project (2400 MW) was also held up for want of funds and ultimately it was handed over to Tehri Hydro Electric Power Corporation, which is a joint venture of Govt. of India and Govt. of U.P. It is likely that the 1st phase of 1000 MW installed capacity may be commissioned very soon. Rehabilitation works of Tehri Damp Project are being carried out by Uttaranchal Irrigation Deptt.…

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Construction & maintenance of Hydroelectric Projects

Uttaranchal has perennial source of water and the rivers are having steep gradient in its geographic boundary. Thus there is a huge potential of hydropower, which has to be exploited for the development of Uttaranchal. The mighty rivers like Ganga and Yamuna have tributaries like Alaknanda, Bhilangana, Mandakini and Tons etc. in addition it has the upper course of rivers like Sharda and Ram Ganga which also have power potential.

Not only power but as a result of harnessing the power projects activities like fisheries, flood control, Irrigation and storage will get boosted up bringing more revenue and employment to the local people apart from safety from natural disasters.

Uttaranchal Irrigation Department is fully equipped technically in the field of formulation of projects, its design and research activities, fabrication and erection of hydro mechanical parts and overall construction of civil works.

Uttaranchal can also undertake the vast experience of retired illustrious engineers of said Department who have preferred to settle down in Dehradun, by keeping presence in the Board of Consultants for the execution of the hydroelectric projects, which can bring the project par excellence.…

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Fabrication of Hydro-mechanical Equipments (Govt. Workshop, Roorkee)


The workshop was incepted in 1843 at Roorkee during the construction of the Upper Ganga Canal, the largest artificial stream in the world at that time. It also served as an Army Workshop during war in 1903. The workshop was handed over to U. P. Irrigation Department in 1953. Since then, many prestigious works for fabrication and erection of hydro-mechanical equipments have been successfully completed for various important Irrigation and power projects. The workshop also earned the foreign exchange by export assignment of Rolling Gas Turbine Casing as per specifications of M/S SIEMENS, Germany, entrusted by BHEL, Hardware.

  1. Facilities Available
  2. Jobs Executed
  3. Appreciations
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Training Facilities :- State Engineers Academy, Kalagarh

The Academy was established at Kalagarh in Distt. Pauri Garhwal (Uttaranchal), with a view to impart training to Engineer Officers of Irrigation Department and Public Works Department. It was envisaged to provide training to the newly appointed Assistant Engineers and also the in-service middle/higher level officers of both the Departments.


Kalagarh is 46 km by road from Dhampur Railway station. Direct bus service is available from Kalagarh to Meerut, Delhi, Kashipur and Haldwani.

Administrative Setup
Training Courses
Training Areas

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Construction & Maintenance of Canal/Tube wells


Uttaranchal has 660 Tube wells and 51,000-hectare area is being irrigated through it. Under the administrative controls of the Irrigation Department, 6600 kms of canals are irrigating 2,27,000 hectares area. This is benefiting Uttaranchal by about Rs. 227 crores, directly or indirectly.

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