Uttaranchal Irrigation which was earlier known as multipurpose and hydroelectric Department of erstwhile U. P. Irrigation Department is mainly involved in formulation, construction and maintenance of hydro electric projects in Ganga and Yamuna valley. A few years before creation of new State of Uttaranchal, maintenance and construction of Irrigation channels and tube wells in hilly region was added to it. These units look after anti erosion works of rivers and riverbeds in the hilly trek also.

Irrigation Design Organization and Irrigation Research Institute at Roorkee has boast of unmatched personnel to carry out the research and developmental studies for the hydroelectric and water resources projects.

To train the newly appointed assistant engineers and junior engineers and inservice engineers according to the need of the Department, Uttaranchal Irrigation has reputed State-Engineers Academy at Kalagarh. To cater the hydro mechanical requirements of hydroelectric projects, the department has 160 year old Govt. Irrigation Workshop at Roorkee.

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